Monday mystery solo robin

June 29, 2020

As if Monday mornings weren’t hard enough, two cats and a dog have told me to go back to bed. I am resisting their very sound suggestion though to bring you the next instructions for the quilt. I have to admit another hour or two in bed does sound a wonderful idea. I think we are all trying to catch up after the heat. No one in this household likes it and I think we all struggle to rest properly when over heated. Now it is cooler sleep seems to be the first order of business. Except I am thinking this is a chance to get back to my sewing room. I need to make us more masks, and I want to work on this quilt. I want to be equipped with masks before we start going out again. It seems like that is something that will start happening soon and I think we need to be prepared. It isn’t the most exciting sewing though.

For now we can focus on fun stuff, this quilt. Last week we found there were actually quite a lot of things we could do with squares in a 2″ border. More than I expected actually. This is what makes classes so much fun and so useful, having more people sparks more ideas. It looks like this week will also give us a lot of scope. This week’s technique is

Curved piecing

Remember all technicalities count. Any curve however gentle is still a curve, and any piecing technique is still piecing. Our Border size this week is

Add 4″ to at least 2 adjacent sides of your quilt.

I am sure the cards are just trying to frustrate me at the moment. I am so close to finishing my quilt but they keep giving me small borders. I am sure that it wil, suddenly spring huge ones on me just as I get close to a useful size. If you would like to join the weekly class that covers designing a border and how to make it we do have space still. We meet at 2.30pm Tuesday’s on google meet. I send out a link for you about 2.15pm each week and if you are on a computer it simply opens in a browser. On mobile devices you will need the Google meet app. If you would like to join in comment here and I will email you details.


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