June 27, 2020

This morning feels a little fresher. There has been rain overnight and the temperature has dropped a couple fo degrees. It’s not as much as I would like but it is still an improvement. I am sure lots of people are loving this but I find the hot weather very difficult. I did take advantage of it thought to wash and dry one of my winter quilts. This one has two layers of warm and natural in which is a thick cotton wadding. It is very heavy and takes a lot of drying. At the start of lockdown I decided it was time to get a new washing line. My old one is really quite old and we decided to leave it at our old house, this house has a metal lines hole for a rotary line so I got one to fit it. It turned out they have come on a bit since the last one I bought and I chose one with a neat trick. My washing line is height adjustable. They say it is so you can hang out your laundry more easily. I think for that it is pretty poor, as raising it once loaded is very awkward. However for what I wanted it for it is fantastic. I wanted to be able to lay a wet quilt.


This isn’t quite the lowest it will go but it was enough to make it easy for me to lay out a very heavy quilt. I put it face down just in case something dropped onto it and caused a mark I couldn’t remove. It was actually fine and and dried easily in the crazy heat.

I did make a start on the 20 year old quilt. Seems I am quilting it in black, I am not sure I exactly made a decision, it just worked that way. I am quite happy with how it is coming out, though it is very easy to get the wrong pattern in a wedge. That may also be a feature of the tmperature of course.



There are 50 of these wedges to fill in total, and I plan to continue the pattern the other side of the narrow green border. That will be annoyingly fiddly but I hope it will look good. I wish the photographs would show the texture better. With two layers of wood wadding it is really very sculpted, but capturing that when it is black on black seems to be pretty much impossible. I am hoping to get a bit more done on this today, but if it stays overcast I will see if i can get some jobs done in the garden, especially as the soil might be a bit softer after the rain.

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