Hotter but successful

June 25, 2020

Today has been really unpleasant heat wise. With the UV warning I tried walking the dog earlier. He declared it too hot and I got sun burned, all before breakfast. He did enjoy cooling down innthe pool when he got home though, and the rest of the day we had to play inside, which he enjoyed and the cats critiqued.

I finished the fun quilt that was on the frame and decided to load another of mine. This one had hung on my sewing room wall for something like 20 years. Maybe a smidge longer. I hand pieced it when I was working my last office job. It feels about time to get it quilted and bound. I think I even know where the binding fabric is. It isn’t a big quilt, about 40″ square, but it also isntnas flat as I wouild like. So my plan is to quilt the background areas quite heavily and use a double wool wadding. I am not quite sure yet how I will quilt it. A couuple of areas have told me what they want the rest hasn’t. I am debating a metallic thread for some of the which in the ditch. I know that can cause issues, but I think with all the colours in this quilt it might blend better than any normal colour. I guess most people would use invisible thread, but I really hate how that catches the light, and to me it’s not much more subtle than the metallic. Alternatively I could use multiple lines of black and have a subtle stained glass look. I will leave the decision for the morning.

Piecing wise not much will happen until we cool down a bit. I do want to try and find my summer quilt, which I can do downstairs. My Monday quilt needs a lot of pressing as I go so that is on hold. I guess I will finally catch up on some of my quilting for now.

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