Getting back on track, and a little cooked

June 24, 2020

I feel I really shouldn’t be having a problem with the temperature. This house is so much cooler than the old one and my workspace is the coolest place not the hottest, but it is still too hot for me. It is making exercise between very difficult and impossible, still I am trying and I am sure that counts for something. I did spend time playing with the dog ijn the pool earlier which helped. Before you think that is too glamourous I should mention the pool is about 15cm deep and 1.6m in diameter. It is however still coolish water which in this temperature is worthwhile. I even changed it today so not full of bugs.

I also shipped out my first ombre Monday mystery kit. This customer has chosen black to go with the ombre, I think it will be a very striking quilt.

20200624_105726 20200624_105536

I took 2 pictures to try and show the range of the ombre. They shade right across the fabric, and I think that will give a lot more variety for this kind of quilt. How big will the quilt finish, I  can’t say. 8m of fabric should be at least a big single and probably a double. It will depend a lot how much applique and how small the pieces are. The 4m of background and 8 half meters of ombre are £96. I will be selling them until I run out.

I have a fun star quilt on the frame, and I think while it is so hot that will be most of my sewing time. My sit down sewing spaces are both too toasty to be much fun. It’s a shame as Tuesday’s class came up with lots of fun ideas for 2″ with squares, but those ideas will just have to wait for now.

Stay as cool as you can and drink plenty of water.

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