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June 22, 2020

A new week. I have decided this will be a good one, so that’s how it will have to be. I have a lot planned for today which does often improve the run of the day. Lots of small jobs that will move life on. I did manage to get some of the household jobs done yesterday. The gutter that has been annoying me is fixed. The pond is refilled and the potatoes banked up. It looks like today will be a hot one which makes working so much more attractive. My work space is the coolest place in the house, such a differnce from my old house where my work was in the hottest space.

So are we excited for the next step? Don’t forget you can join in at any time. Make a starting block at least 9″ on at least one side and start following along. Feel free to ask in the comments if you get stuck or join our Tuesday discussion group at 2.30pm. To join just leave a comment on this post and I will send you a link. We meet on google meet, which opens in a web browser on a computer but will need an app on mobile devices.

This week’s techunique is,

Include squares


And the border size is

Add 2″ to each side of your quilt

Perhaps not the most exciting, but I have to say that sounds a wonderful starting border. I am not so sure I am a fan as one of my outer borders, but I do have some small squares I wanted to use up so maybe this will be how. In a small border I think how the squares are spaced is going to be a key consideration. That may be coloured by the size of the border I have to fill, do you feel differntly on a shorter border? Will the squares be straight, on point, or just slightly wonky? Will the squares fill the width of the border or be tiny embroidered ones? Maybe someone has square sequins or buttons. They could be folded like the center of bow tie blocks. Lol there was me thinking this one didn’t have many options. I do love how this makes me think.



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