What a week

June 19, 2020

Sorry for the gap in blogging, it has been a crazy week. A lot of my regular tasks have fallen by the wayside. My journal isn’t set up for the week, my floors aren’t swept, my sewing hasn’t happened and I have missed 3 or 4 days of exercise. The fact I don’t know how many days says a lot in itself.

It has been an educational week. I did get my new whiteboard and built it in time for Tuesdays class. We came up with some very interesting design options during it. Modern is quite a wide design technique, I am really looking forward to seeing what comes from it. I have had numours deliveries this week, which really been quite inconvinient. Still what happens happens and there is not a lot I can do about timing so I just need to deal with it. It was just a pressure I could have lived without this week.

The main time drain has been work, which is good. However I have been reminded why I put in a rush job charge and I will in future make sure to use it. I felt at the moment with less customer quilts on the go I could just leave it off and work on. The issue is when there is a very tight deadline it impacts all of life not just other customers. It also means I can’t take the breaks I should and end up doing my joints damage.  As I said educational. I need to put in the extra charge to cover the losses in other areas and in productivity after the job if I overdo things. I think it also causes us to think more about what is urgent. Iknow I weigh up differnt delivery options on orders. It is rare I take the expensive next day options becasue while I might like it sooner I don’t really need it. I hope I am not the only one who considers it and is tempted though. Now I need to quarentine everyting it does add a little more pressure too. I have to think ahead better.

Today I have more deliveries. I hope while I wait for the first I will be able to sort out my journal. Then some sewing before my second delivery. Oh and I still need to look at the shopping that arrived Monday and work out what order it needs eating, yup I am that behind. Hopeless huh.

Enough chatter, things to do :)

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