Finally a border

June 12, 2020

This morning I finished trimming all the washed blocks and got ,y first row together, this is one of the 4″ star borders. Hoping that tomorrow I will get that week done and maybe the 10″ traditional as well. It should all go a lot faster now I am just joining up the blocks. Once I have those done I can also get onto the 12″ of folded patchwork. I realised it is 3 weeks since I last added to the quilt, that’s nearly a month. I am so looking forward to it growing a nice chunk this week. It aught to be pretty satisfying. I will try to remember to photograph it after each week.

Today was pretty productive. I got some longarming (auto correct makes that lingering I am offended) done, bread made, pizza bases for lunch and spares in the freezer and some lemon biscuits. We tried the rhubarb rhubarb ripple icecream after dinner, and that seems to now be our winner. It was a very lucky experiment, and we will repeat it. Right now I think it is time for bed and hopefully I will be up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning to sew sew sew. Oh and do laundry, if the weather forecast is right.

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