Sorry folks

May 23, 2020

It’s been a rough week this week. Largely not related to covid or lockdown. Lost sleep angry joints and nothing going right. Culminating in trying to take a dish out of the microwave last night and discovering it was insanely hot. Not sure I have every come across a dish that hot in the microwave, the food in it hadn’t even thawed. I would love to be able to blame the resulting burns on being tired or distracted but honestly I would never have expected something to be that hot, so really it would have happened whatever. After application of medicinal peas, everyone has dedicated frozen peas for this right, and ice I got away with blisters on only 2 fingers. It just rounded things off. I am declaring this the new of this run and things will get better now. I may struggle to finish this week’s border as my right hand is definitely sore, but as I have told you guys, that doesn’t matter. I can catch up when I have the time, or at worst I will have to skip a week. You never know, having decided I can take the time and not worry I might manage. At least I hold the iron in my right hand so it won’t be near the steam when I am working.

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