Some days the mojo doesn’t work.

May 20, 2020

I finished a customer quilt today and decided I would quilt one of my tops as a summer quilt. I have no end of winter quilts but very few summer ones. This is the one I chose, it’s not too big and I would love to have it in use. In fact I like this design so much I am now thinking I need to make another in the same style.


This very clever design is just 2 fabrics. I have no shortage of ombre fabrics, I just need to pick the feature fabric I want to work with. However before I get distracted by yet another top, this one needs quilting. I am using bamboo wedding, which is nice and light in the summer, though warmer than you mighgt expect when it does turn chilly. I got the quilt loaded and the top borders stitched in the ditch. I picked out the threads I want to use and played with a few design ideas. I decided to go for ruler work in the outer border, but 10 lines in decided that my evenly spaced parallel lines were anything but. Not even or parallel, heck not even close enough to fake it. So i have been unpicking. With the heat i started falling asleep at the frame, that means I get to start tomorrow with more unlocking, wonderful :( The worst part is I have no idea why it was so bad. I think I was being as careful as I could be. I am hoping it was a matter of being hot and tired. Either way while I  unpick you can bet I will be considering the risk of trying again with this design or swapping to another.

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