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May 19, 2020

Does spamming people really make money? This is a tiny blog yet people love to spam my comments. For those of you who actually read the posts and want to interact be aware that your first comment will only appear after I approve it. It is the only way to not give a free notice board to all the scammers.

Late blog today as I am really getting back to my schedule now. I quilt and do house stuff until dinner time then after dinner I can get on with any piecing or other personal work I want to do. Once I clear customer quilts and a few of my own tops then I will spend my days making new quilts, I have several possible patterns I would love to work on.

Tonight I started on the pictorial border, I had seen a foundation pieced block in a book a couple of years ago that would be perfect for this quilt. Which lead to a lot of hunting through boxes. It turns out the block is designed to be 20″. That’s fine but I need 8″ so I am working from the layout sheet instead often pattern. The pieces are now quite small. The block was already quite detailed, this has made it trickier. I have removed a few seams, but not the ones that lead to tiny pieces. Some I can barely see, but I figure I don’t really need to see them so long as I can find the line. It looks scary but foundation piecing is foundation piecing, I think the biggest things to remember is this will use a lot more fabric than you might expect, as far more is in the seams than actually on the front of the block, and that the seam allowance needs to be 1/8″. Oh I should probably also mention that generally one foundation seam takes about the same time regardless of size. So a small block takes as long as a large block. I am really pleased with how much I got done to tonight. I started with one of the least intimidating pieces, but by the time I stopped I had done one that had some of the smallest parts, and indeed the foundationnwas smaller than my presser foot. That’s a moment to have some sort of pokey thing to help you guide pieces through the machine. I am optimistic it is possible to complete why I have planned before Monday morning. Famous last words?

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