Monday mystery solo robin

May 18, 2020

It seems to be Monday morning again. I wonder how many of you use this to help keep track of the weeks. This will be my 9th week of posting these instructions which is either my 10th or 11th of being at home. Honestly it doesn’t seem that long. I have a routine now that works for me, well actually we have a routine that works for all of us. The puppy is now really a dog and is learning the ways of humans. He is still very excitable, which I suspect will last longer than usual becasue it is so hard to expose him to new things. This means anything new even a little new is the most exciting thing ever. He is also large now. Still not quite his full size but well over 30kg and I can comfortably stroke his head without bending and nearly his back. He gets a little short changed on a Monday morning. We can’t sit and cuddle as long as I want to get this posted as early as I can. He does of course get his toilet break and drink and some cuddles before I come here. So let us see what torment and possiblity lies ahead this week. I do hope you guys are having fun with this in between cursing it. This fluidity and randomness is something I know a lot of quilters struggle with but I do think it is valuable to at least aclimatise to it. I think it makes it easier when a quilt is scrappy and random or when you don’t have the perfect piece of fabric to finish something. Often the perfect fabric doesn’t actually exist and maybe these exercises will help make us a little more able to compromise and adjust.

If you have just found this page, welcome, no it is not to late to play along. Make yourself (or find an orphan block) a block that is at least 9″ on at least one side. I do reccomend it has straight sides. Other than that anything goes. Pick a week to start, and follow the instructions. If you finish before the next instruction comes up feel free to go and do one that has already been posted. There is no magic order or right way it really is just random. Equally if an instruction takes you several weeks that is fine too. Just pick up a new or old instruction when you are ready. I am expecting to be posting these for about a year, maybe longer, so please join in have fun. If you could send me photos of what you are working on I would love it. Comment on a post and I will email you where to send them.

I think I have put this off as long as I can bear, let us see what is in store today. Technique this week is,


Well I didn’t remember that being an option. I don’t know about you but I will need to think about that. what space do we have to work with this week,

Increase the size of your quilt by 8″

Well that’s a good size at least. Also vague, one axis both? Maybe all around. Hmm, this feels like enough rope to hang myself, but I may be being paranoid. Now can I think of something pictorial that fits with my quilts new name, note to self naming the quilt at this stage may have made my life harder. Always remember all technicalities count. I think that may be my mantra for this week.

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