Where does the time go?

May 16, 2020

I was sure I had blogged yesterday, but apparently not. I blame a rough night. Waking up that sore really does throw me. Despite that I made good progress with my bear paw border yesterday. I have all the paws done and one of the “blocks”. It is one of three in my border but probably wouldn’t be seen as a block in the traditional sense. As all the components are now done I should be able to finish the border and put it on tomorrow. I had meant to ask Rachel if I could blog her quilt again, but we got distracted in some fabric shopping and Facebook failing to video call or post photos correctly. I was pleased when she said it did feel like visiting a fabric shop even though we were having to use photos not video.

I am hoping to get a chance to try and set up a web cam tomorrow. A friend very kindly sent me one, much appreciated as you can’t buy them at the moment. I wonder how long that will last, I assume China has been getting production back up and running, but equally it is now a worldwide shortage. Filling all the orders will take some doing I think. As I can’t do anything about it I will just wait and see what happens. Once I do have a reliable means of sharing video I will be looking to set up some online classes. I really want to do something that feels like my regular weekly classes. Quite freeform and where people can ask any questions they have. It isn’t a format I have seen others doing, but following the norm has never really been my goal. It will take a bit of trial and error to get right though, so the first classes will be small and tested by people who can provide feedback and help me work through the issues.

As well as the sewing and selling fabric, I have been making more icecream. I am reallky loving my icecream maker, and that it allows me to make any flavour I like with less dairy than usual. It also lets me use up fruit rather than waste it. I think there will be a mango and a rhubarb in our future. Today’s recipe used a custard base, which means I now have spare egg white, so maybe tomorrow will be roulade as well as finishing the border.

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