Monday mystery solo robin

May 11, 2020

Well it looks like Monday morning has happened again, and despite the update to lockdown, most of us will still be staying at home. So on with the quilting. For those of you just joining us you can start this quilt at any point, and work on the instructions in any order. You can start today with any block, but I do reccomend one with at least one side 9″ or bigger. Some shape with straight sides will be much easier than a circle. Every Monday I post a new instruction but don’t feel you have to keep up and do Every week. You can just dip in whenever. Equally if you start now and need more than one instruction in a week you can just scroll down to another Monday.

Now we need this weeks doom, erm I mean fine and inspiring instruction. Did I mention I found last week really hard. This week we will be adding  borders,

Add 8″ to one side of your quilt

I actually drew the same as we had last week so This was the second choice.  The technique this week is,

Bears paw

Hmm, well that is pretty simple again, though it doesn’t need to be the block of that name. Applique paw prints would work, or pieced if you are up to it, don’t forget the claws. You could distort or recolour the traditional block. Or maybe break it apart. I think we are quite lucky to get this block and a good size border this could be fun.

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