Monday mystery solo robin quilt

March 23, 2020

As I haven’t had lots of messages saying people have made their blocks I am sticking with starting the instructions next Monday. I sort of think I should also come up with a better name for it but I am not feeling inspired yet.

For those of you just joining us let me catch you up with the plan.

Some time ago I realised I had a lot of friends and students who for one reason or another couldn’t take part in a round robin quilt exchange. I wanted to develop a way they could play along without the time pressure or cost or post, or any of the other problems they were having. So I came up with a design tool that gives random size and technique/design instructions. The result is something like a medalion quilt. You start with a block. I reccomend it be a minimum of 9″ and have straight sides. It doesn’t have to be square, rectangular will be just as easy and yes any straight sided block would work as a starting point.

Once you have your starting point you can jump in at any point and realistically miss any week as your time dictates. The weekly instructions will be something like, add 3″ to 2 sides using triangles. Any technicallity counts. With this one it could be pieced or folded or applique or printed on the fabric or stitched on or…… Well you get the idea this is really open ended. You get a constraint, the size and a design idea. I will post one pair a week always on a Monday.

I am offering this free of charge to try and keep my students and others entertained. We all need things to fill our time and well quilters quilt. Hopefully thinking about your designs and researching techniques will suck up plenty of spare time. I would love for people to share ideas and questions in the comments. I do have moderation turned on, and if you could see the, erm, content, people try to post there you would be pleased I remove it. I am logging on at least daily so your comment may take till the next morning to pop up. If people would like to share pictures leave a comment and I will give you an email address to send them to so I can put up blog posts showing what you are all playiing with. Do feel free to share this page with other quilters.

If you have questions please do ask and I will try to answer them. I will not be posting specific technique classes but if you have something you want to try for the week I will try to help where I can.


4 comments on “Monday mystery solo robin quilt”

  1. Cari Jimison says:

    I do want to participate from my home in Northern Calif. Count me in. So glad you are taking this up Ferret. I will look back through the blog to get information. I can surely make a 9″ block to start. Thank you so much.

  2. ferret says:

    There isn’t a lot you need to know. It’s a scrappy project that you can make as big or small as you like. Dip in and out as works for you. Once you have a starting point the rest will just follow. The starting block can be as big or small as you like but I recommend 9″ minimum. Even an orphan block will be great to start from.

  3. Vickie says:

    Wow what fun!
    Count me in and I will forward to others for you.
    If you send me an email address I will attempt to send photos of progress

    1. ferret says:

      Done, you should have an email. The more the merrier.

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