Strange new world

March 23, 2020

Each day the world seems to get a little more odd. Some of the odd is really great. So many people are trying to help others and make life a bit better. The amount of support world wide for people struggling is fantastic and really gives me hope we could make a fully functional society. On the flip side the level of selfishness and criminality has also amazed me. No I am not surprised but I do try to hope people might show a better side of themselves. I am also sad to hear that food waste has drastically increased in my local area. It seems the panic buying has led to better fed bins, which is really tragic as I am sure a lot of people are going a bit short of food and didn’t need to. I read that in Italy the crazy shopping stopped as soon as the stores managed to get their shelves refilled as that reassured people. Fingers crossed the same will happen here and before too much food is wasted. I am working hard to get our food waste to zero to hear others seem to be going the other way is beyond frustrating.

Yesterday I managed to finish painting the first coat on the second raised bed and the second coat on the first. We also got the lining in and it’s been partly filled. I am sore from all the painting but pleased to have so much done. The second coat on the second bed will happen next weekend to give my hands and shoulders time to recover. My other half is thinking of trying to finish filling in his lunch breaks so I may have a functional bed before the end of the week. While we were doing this I also managed my first sun burn of the year. I think in large part because the wind is still pretty cold. I didn’t notice the sun was so strong and bright for so long.

As predicted spending so much time working on the raised bed meant I missed my target to finish my flying geese, I guess that will now be this week’s goal, especially as I can’t longarm today. I have had my firsdt telephone physio session. Yup you heard that right. My physiotherapist phoned me, and talked through the exercises she has given me, tweaked them and given me advice on home exercise. Next week a have a telephone rheumatologist appointment. I think this is great. I can cover most of what I need to and there is no risk to me or them.

Have you noticed how many TV ads are now irrelevant/pointless?

Now I aught to try and work out what we are eating this week and see if the package that just arrived is the quilt tops I was waiting for. If so they will sit in quarantine for 3 days before I do anything with the box. Paranoid, maybe, but after the chest infections that was 2 times I had flu I am not taking any chances thank you. Once that’s done I can get on with some sewing, and finish making our take on a trifle.


Update, not a quilt a box of dog treats. I probably shouldn’t try quilting those although I think it would be possible with some of them :)

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