Some Covid optimism

March 21, 2020

Yesterday I had a moment of optimism, now those who know me well know my attempts at optimism are prone to wandering into delusion, but bear with me. As the goverment writes up new lists of key workers could some of the careers people often look down on become at least more appreciated if not more respected. The one that really hit me was shelf stackers, I know all the career advisors I came accross listed that as almost well you have failed at everything you can always stack shelves. Yet right now shelf stackers are in high demand and A lot of companies are desperately trying to recruit more. People who have lost jobs are also now keen to become these key workers. I have a friend who cleans supermarkets. It is horrible hours, terrible pay, zero thanks, but how would people feel without those cleaners now? I suspect stores will be needing more of them too as cleaning has to be more through than ever. As people spend more time at home their post and deliveies will become a lot more meaningful, ever complained about the people doing those jobs? I know I have, but now they are our life lines, maybe it will be seen as a more valuable profession and they can be given the time and training to do the job well. Ahh there that’s where I stepped into delusion I think as that needs not only us to see the value but companies to accept they may need to spend a little more to make it work properly. I hope though you see my point on the bigger picture. There are jobs we may consider lesser but the fact we pay people to do them means they need to be done. For our lives to work as we want them to we need these people, all of them. I hope one of the good things this period will teach us is that we should value everyone who keeps our way of life going.

In other news, my projects for today. I am hoping we will move a car, my Capri, onto its hard standing. After it moves I can use it’s improvised road way to build two large raised beds. I am desperate to get my cauliflowers more space and plant some more carrots and beetroot. I had always planned to get some vegetables growing but it feels more important now. I know in my village spare produce is shared and I want to be involved fairly with that. I also suspect that fresh fruit and veg imports will be tricky this year so anything I can do to reduce the strain on the system seems prudent. Besides home grown really does taste much better. I rarely eat cooked peas but I love to eat them as I wander around the garden.

After the building I will need to sit so I will keep working on my flying geese. I don’t think I am half way yet and I am still aiming to finish them tomorrow. My show quilt on the frame is about 2/3 quilted so that will be done next week and I can get a customer quilt on. I am still taking in quilts for longarming but I need them to be shipped to me, be that by post or courier.

The beast says it is time I got to work on breakfast, and the cats agree with him. I had better wrap this up before anyone eats me. Wish me luck these raised beds will be huge.

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