An unusual customer

December 4, 2019

I don’t have walk in customers, but this chap came to my door and stopped me working yesterday.




He (or she) came right up to the window and had a good look at me. The day we moved in there was a very bold fox wandering about the garden, I am wondering if this is the same one. He was limping and clearly looking for easy food. He did consider the bird table but decided against trying to push it over. I guess hunting is proving very tricky with only 3 good legs. It’s funny, I hate the urban foxes we had in London. They were very large and had lost all fear of people. We had them sneaking into the house, and believe me they smell terrible. This one on the other hand is smaller and usually a lot more cautious. I haven’t seen it since we moved in till today but I will keep an eye open for it. I am worried about that leg, but then again what can anyone do about it. Catching a fox will be tricky and releasing it back after treatment is also a problem. Fingers crossed the next time I see it, it has sorted itself out.

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