Homeownership = crawling under a bush in the rain

December 2, 2019

When we talk about owning homes, or even renting a home there is a lot we gloss over. Things like cleaning all those bathrooms (does every bedroom really need one) and dusting all those architectural features. We also miss all those fun maintenance jobs that are really important, like keeping the downpipes clear on the gutters. It has been nice that most trades people I have dealt with since moving have been reliable, I am not so sure about my gutter cleaning service. About 6 weeks ago all my gutters and downpipes were cleaned but today in the heavy rain they started overflowing again. This could be a design issue, or the angle of the guttering having changed with wear (and potentially when cleaned) but the best time to see what’s going wrong where, is while it’s going wrong.

On investing one of my waterfalls I was suspicious that the downpipe was the issue, and of course that’s the downpipe behind the bushes. Peering in I could see the water doing something odd at the bottom of the pipe but not what. I am very pleased I decided to grab a trowel before crawling in, it was a tight fit and even harder to get out of. When I got a good look it seemed to be a few leaves blocking the top of the drain, until I started cleaning them. There must have been about a foot of leaves up inside the down pipe, and that’s assuming it all fell down all the way.

Now, this is the rather sad part, I then stood in the rain to admire the water not coming over the top of that gutter. Yup I got soaked, yes I was covered in mud and bush, but also smugly satisfied with a down pipe that for now seems to work.

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