I had a plan

November 27, 2019

In the last post about the sewing room you may have noticed I was working on a quilt. It was a project I started years ago and I thought it was going to be a nice project for some fun quilting. I wanted to have a couple of quilts ready for the next show season. As it had good scope for quilting this project seemed ideal. It was also more than half pieced, double bonus. I have been working on it in my spare time (ha ha ha new house spare time what’s that ) and finally finished it. You know that niggly feeling that something isn’t quite right? I kept getting it and thinking the quilt seemed large, but I had my notes and they seemed OK and clear so I went on. Even when I was joining the 2 halves of the quilt I reassured myself that this quilt had been planned and all was well.




I am not sure if you can tell but this is a very oversize quilt. I usually aim for 100″ to 130″ wide and about 90″ long, though they are usually hung the other way around in shows. If I think the quilt will be shown I keep the width down to closer to 100″. The frames handle that far better. This quilt has come out 112″x116″ not only too big for quilt shows but also too big for my quilt frame or for quilt backings. This quilt will not be getting quilted over this winter, instead it will wait for me to get a larger frame. I know anyone can make a mistake, but this is the thrid quilt I have found ended up much bigger than expected. I have concluded my maths and design skills are lousy when I am stressed, and yes from here on I will be checking each design to see if it is the intended size BEFORE I complete it. This also means I need anothe project for next years shows. For safety I think it might be best to design something totally new.


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