Wendover makers market

November 25, 2019

Wendover may only be a very small town but it has a lot of markets. Every Thursday there is a general market, with great fish vegetables and bread. There are also some Saturday markets with a lot of smaller local producers. It is amazing how much local produce there is available.

Friday had a market with more crafty things for Christmas. Starting at 4pm and going on till 9.30pm meant it felt very festive. Shopping in the dark is a sure sign of winter. I did feel for the trader though, standing in a little tent in the cold isn’t the most fun. I hope they all did well enough to make it worthwhile.

For me the crafts weren’t that interesting, just not my style, though well executed and very reasonable prices. The food and drink stands were very good, with smoked salmon tastings and the non alcoholic spirit company, hmm I wonder if that is made locally, there were also traders offering supper and mulled wine and cider. The absolute winner for me though was the hungarian baker. Amazing poppy seed cake and a rolled poppyseed, apple and walnut cake. She was also making fresh chimney cake, and it was so good. I just wish she had given out something with her details on, I would love to buy again from her, ideally before next winter.

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