The bonus of a move

November 8, 2019

The biggest change from moving house is my outlook. Which is now more positive, caused largely by having less problems day to day. However no house will make eveything suddely work perfectly. Wednesday morning I needed to leave early to get to class and found I had a flat battery, well 2 actually. OK, I had a contingency plan, I called a taxi, and found out that although my drive to work is the same distance as when we lived in Harrow the taxi cost has doubled. That was a shock, and yes has led to my contingency plans getting a rewrite, but nothing I could do about it right then. I get a text saying my taxi has arrived, unless it was invisible it was in the wrong place, despite me giving the dispatcher instructions on how to get to my house. The car was in the right road but far enough away it couldn’t be seen from our driveway let alone the house. Still I found him and eventuallly managed to walk him to my house to pick up my bags. He was a good driver and I made it to work on time.

Then I found out that every one was having one of those days. Students had forgetten fabric thread equipment, and concentration was in short supply. One student was injured and couldnt sew, another was in bonus pain because before an operation you have to stop some medications. What a train wreck. Despite all that, some sewing happened that didn’t need unpicking and progress was made.

By the time the class was done my car was running, thank you Tet. So he was able to take me home. I did leave my class supplies with a friend though, just incase the car didn’t want to start the next day. I can’t carry my bag up and down stairs at train stations which makes life a lot trickier. As I haddn’t planned lunch for two we decided to try a restaurant on the way home. Yes we knew it was risky on a day like that but well what the heck. The food was adequet but I can’t see us going back. However it really brought it home to me how much I like cooking and how much better the food is we can have at home. So a backing afternoon and meatball goulash for dinner.

That’s the difference, it was a lovely evening, good food, a roaring fire and truly terrible tv. Yes the TV does work here but its not exactly impressed me. The whole house smelling of cooking and discovering my oven can work for proofing bread was great. Before a day that started badly would have probably ruined the week, now I can go home and make things better. Maybe that doesn’t sound a huge deal, but when you haven’t had that option for so long it is really massive. I am sure there are a lot of people where there is no refuge where they can perk themselves up, and no prospect of getting one. If you do have a real home, a place where you can relax and cheer up please enjoy it and appreciate it.

Must be time to make lunch and get back to work, lol make lunch in a kitchen with room to move and a working oven. Yum.

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