Boxes boxes everywhere

October 31, 2019

Moving takes boxes, lots of boxes, hundreds and hundreads of the darned things. Stuff I packed is at least in boxes I can lift and are correctly labeled. The things that need to be in my sewing room have at least four different labels on, and those are just the ones I have found.

What I had forgetten is how much bulkier stuff is when it is in boxes. The moving company have tried to put things in the right rooms but as you can see this means no space to unpack. This is both helpful and very frustrating. I am lazy. Very lazy. I HATE moving something more than once, however in this situation there really isn’t an option.


This will be my new sewing room, the place I can sit to do pieceing or dressmaking. I forgot to take a photograph until I had shuffled a lot of the boxes and filled the wardrobe with the smaller ones.


It is a bit like one of the picture puzzles where you slide the tiles. You have to make a space to work in, then fill it and shuffle again. One of the big issues is my cutting table comes apart to move but then gets in the way and can’t be refilled until assembled. So I felt that was probably the first thing I needed to extract and assemble. On the bright side it is on wheels so can be moved about as I sort the rest of the room. A lot of the furniture from the old room wont work here. I had a desk fitted into the bay window, no bay so thats gone. I had built in storage and shelves on the walls, that doesn’t work here so I need alternatives for the things that were stored there. My books will now mostly live in the library downstairs (once it has some shelves) so that helps with my storage issues in here, I have a lot of books, but I have decided to upgrade the wire basket storage so another loss.

I picked this room for my sewing space because of the floor, it is the only bedroom other than the master that doesn’t have carpet. I have sewn in carpeted rooms and I really can’t reccomend it. Threads and pins are not friendly to carpet at all. Office chairs aren’t great either.

That roll, on top of the boxes that looks like fabric. I finally read it’s label. Capri boot carpet….utility room. I said the movers tried to get it right :) They also tended to make assumptions, some I caught some I didn’t. Having a weird house with strange hobbies and a business does not make things easy for a moving company.

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