More binding

April 9, 2019

Post Tringcon clean up was needed. Somehow it always happens our bins are full when Tringcon happens meaning a trip to the tip. The gear has to go back to my unit, and we also had a house to view. A lovely big Regency house, which seems to have some movement issues I can’t live with. Sad but we will find something eventually.

I got a bit further with my Easter clearing and believe it or not found 2 more quilts to bind. No I didn’t know I had so many waiting. I am pleased I hadn’t put the rest of my binding away as it was suitable and just enough for one of the two quilts. Looks like I will have a large storage bag full to go back to the unit by the end of the holiday. Thinking I might haul them into class for show and tell before storing them, assuming I can lift the bag of course :) At this rate that is by no means certain.

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