April 7, 2019

Yesterday was the third Tringcon we have presided over. Tringcon is a board game convention. People sit about and play games all day. Nope not the traditional family fare of Monopoly and Cludo. Mostly games to do with managing resources, time and workers. Yup that does sound a bit like a day job but honestly it is fun.

The hardest part is probably the pre-event shopping. I am not a shopping fan ever and trying to make sure we have food and drink for up to 60 people is heavy work. Of course it mostly needs unloading from the car, into the house and fridge, then back to the car again early in the morning. It is so worthwhile though. This event is in a lovey hall and has a very nice atmosphere. Admittedly the afternoon tea buffet helps too but the gaming part is great too.

After setting up we settled down to some games. I played Patchwork (yup really) a quick fun 2 player game themed on patchwork. It is very neatly engineered and its easy to learn. Good warm up of cool down game. We then moved on to Infiltration. This a described as a game of corporate larceny set in a dystopian future. The rules were not the clearest, they weren’t terrible but left us with a lot of questions. After one play through it made much more sense and we enjoyed the second run through a lot. The idea is you break into a corporation and try to steal data then escape before security catch you. I suspect in most games a lot of players will lose to the game. I will be playing it some more to test that theory.

After food we played Energy Empire. I am unconvinced of this one. I guess I should give it a second try. Part of the reason I was unconvinced turned out to be us playing it wrongly. Glad I wasn’t the one who read those rules :)

All in all it seemed to be a very successful event. The numbers of attendees is going up again and the event seem to have a secure future for now. It was easier to get things set up this time because we now know what we were doing. Still very tiring but actually just attending always was so I am not sure running it changed much there.

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