What do you do in the holidays?

March 29, 2019

Today is the first day of my Easter break, so what do I get up to? I start planning what I think I might be able to get done while I am not teaching. For me this is prime work time, less travel less human interaction I can really get on with things at home.

This time my focus is very much on tasks about the house. We want to move and that means I need to get stuff sorted and get rid of what I can. I also need to get som work done, both customer and my own show quilts. So my starting list, well here is the first stack I thought of

  • Clear the cutting table
  • Clear the sewing table
  • Service back up machine and get it set up
  • Finish borders on woven quilt
  • Finish show quilt that is on the frame
  • Finish sorting and clearing the storage in the longarm room
  • Quilt 2 customer quilts
  • Clean teaching gear and prepare for next term
  • Start cataloging and maybe packing paperback books
  • Finish binding on show quilt
  • Quilt 2 of my quilts

I strongly suspect as I complete stuff more jobs will add themselves to the list. Will I complete everything before classses restart? Not a chance, but I can make progress. Today I have done the first 4 on the list. This should mean some of the other items become a bit quicker to do. It also gives me a space to work on pieceing while I am cleaning out the longarm room. In between these jobs I will also be looking for houses, viewing them and trying to catch up with some house work. Wish me luck.

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