Unmaking part 2

March 1, 2019

The unmade is now back together and on the frame. The quilting is going slowly, my joints have not allowed me to have long days, but I am very pleased with how it is going. It will have a lot of colour and texture from the quilting. I was a bit worried that would swamp the piecing but it seems to be holding its own very well.


This is just the start of the first row, it is taking a couple of days per row, though now I have the pattern set I think I will speed up a bit, but with the amount of ruler work it won’t ever be fast.

I did get one more foundaton pieced star done before I switched projects. I had a few days of looking at it and not doing anything before I worked out I needed to switch, no idea why I am so slow on the uptake :) Anywhere here is the other block that is done, and expect to see this quilt again sometime.


Other than that, why the delay in blogging? well mostly I am house hunting and it takes hours. The market does seem to be a bit slow at the moment and I think I may finally have cought up with it, maybe from here on I just need to look at new listings. It is amazing how similar houses start to look after a while, and even more amazing how fashion works. Several houses have the same bathrooms, which makes things even move confusing when you are trying to compare them.

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