February 5, 2019

I had a plan. Which is probably where it went wrong. I thought I was going to load a quilt today. It is a top that has been waiting a bit over a year, but each time I look at loading it I do something else. While I was clearing up I found some leftover blocks from this top and tucked them in with it. No real idea why. The top was done with all its borders and as big as I can load. This morning I took another look and I still didn’t want to load it, but I had a plan, it was going on the frame. So as you do in this situation I procrastinated and looked at the spare blocks. Playing with them I decided the outside border was too plain and would look much better with some of these blocks in. Before you know it I was chopping up a perfectly good quilt top to fit in the leftover. I got the cutting done and the blocks added it just needs one more border then I am ready to quilt it. Well that and I have decided I want wool wadding in it so I need to go via my storage unit. I suppose it is progress of a sort. I just wish I had had this revelation before I had put it all together.

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