What do you do while waiting for an iron?

January 21, 2019

Having finished the quilt on the frame, and cut the bindings, sewn the pipings and assembled the parts, I was hoping to press the bindings and fit them today. My iron had started making some unhealthy humming noises, so I figured it was time to replace it. Seems simple right? My last 3 have been the beefiest Tefal steam generators I could get and I assumed the same again would be great. Unfortunately most irons now have a selection of “features” I can’t live with. For a start an iron that has to have distilled water isn’t going to work. The cost and having to store a supply of water when I do late night quilting won’t be good. Worse than that is an iron I am supposed to let cool before refilling the water tank. So time to look elsewhere. I have accepted I will have to have one that turns itself off, but I do want it to run on either tap water or treated water. So tomorrow the Tefal is going back and I am going to try a Bosch. I am a huge Bosch fan (except for their vaccuum cleaners – I hated those) so fingers crossed this one will work for me. I have read way more instruction manuals for irons than I ever wanted to, I guess that is valuable education or something.

20190121_222237 20190121_222220

So what do you do to pass time and relax? Easy – you build a minature Millennium Falcon. This is a Metal Earth model. You punch the parts out of the sheets of metal and bend them to shape. It all fits together with little tabs and slots. It is crazy fiddly, I recommend tools and an illuminated magnifying glass, but it is very calm and satisfying too. Hopefully tomorrow I can do my bindings, but if not I suppose I could force myself to work on another model kit. The model is nearly 3 inches long. Yup, the parts are tiny.

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