Tip of the day

January 20, 2019

Sorry it has been a few days. I have been busy doing a lot of boring stuff. The highlights include emptying the rest of the boxes that came out of my sewing room. I found my hot gem tool in literally the last box. By then I had almost convinced myself I hadn’t seen it while I was emptying the room. Next time I am at the unit I will pick up the quilt that will be getting the crystals.

I have also been working on binding some quilts. Even all by machine it isn’t my favorite job. However it needs doing, so time to suck it up and do it. Which brings me to my tip. Get a basket you can hang on your ironing board to catch the binding. I seem to press a let of long strips and having them drop into a basket keeps them clean and organised. I have a plastic basket that came with hooks attached but I am sure it would be easy to improvise.

Next week I want to finish sorting out my office desk. That mostly needs me to sort paperwork and pick up pens and pencils the cats have scattered. I aught to get some quilt lables sorted out and a whole stack of binding done.

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