5 boxes down

January 14, 2019

Sunday morning seemed a good time to start on unpacking some of the boxes of stuff from my sewing room. I thought if I could manage 2 a day by the end of the month I would be done and that sounded very managable even skipping the days I am teaching. The first 2 went so fast a third seemed a good idea. That was slower but still quite fun so I went for number 4. Well owie, number 4 was a heavy one. I think unpacking number 4 took as long as the first 3 put together. Lots of art supplies and dyes in it. However sitting and unpacking it let me recover from moving it and led to box 5. Box 5 was also slow and took me to lunch time. However I now have a big space where there had been boxes in my utility area and that’s pretty cool. Also the stuff did just go away. Once put away properly things really dont take up much space. It’s weird but I like it.

Part of the motivation for this was that we had tickets for the Harry Potter studio tour Sunday evening. So the cleaning led to a good reward, and a lot of walking. I chose a time when the tour was in its Christmas mode, and I am very glad I did. It may have been fake snow but at least I have stood out in the snow now this year. On the Hogwarts bridge no less, which despite being very crooked and uneven is very easy to walk along. It is a very odd feeling as something that wonky really should be a trip hazard surely. Like any attraction it has lots of overpriced merchandise. I had a butterbeer in the posh plastic tankard, which was not quite how I imagined it but nice. The butterbeer icecream was way too sweet for me but I would have to say a very generous portion to the point where it wasnt much more expensive than an average icecream van.

We tried out wands, it is surprising how wrong some are in your hand. I didn’t expect them to vary so much. Voldemort’s was way too light and flimsy feeeling but most had a good weight and felt like quality items, which also surprised me. I came away without a wand but with a box of peppermint toads and a couple of metal models to build. It was a fun trip but quite tiring, with a lot of walking and a lot of crowds. They do manage the flow of people so only the beginning is really crowded. It is worth stopping to watch the videos from the producers and directors though so you may need to bear with the crowd longer than is fun.

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