Why did I wait so long?

January 9, 2019

There have been some strange side effects of tidying up and trying to keep to a routine. This time it was hemming my jeans. Pretty much every pair of jeans I have ever bought have been too long. So I turn them up and all is good. Rather than waste time sitting about on a break from longarming I thought I would fold laundry. Which meant when I got to folding my jeans I happened to be sitting by a sewing machine. The fold line wasn’t worn out yet, but certainly well on its way so I decided now was the moment to take them up properly. The first pair went so well I did a second while I was there. It took minutes and now I have 2 pairs of jeans that fit. More than that it has just extended their life. I have a brand new bit of fabric at the hem to wear out now. I can’t believe it has taken so many years for me to do this.


20190107_194335 20190107_194348

These are the possible layouts of my next units. The whole block will have some of both in it I just have to decide which I want more of. I think this is a specially good unit, either option is great. I think I will go with the first option as the main design. I also reserve the right to change my mind.


Having trouble scanning more books/cds for some reason I keep losing connection. I can’t be sure if there is an issue with my signal or their system but it is annoying and slowing up the process badly.


First time in a long time first day back teaching after a holiday didn’t wear me out. In fact I came home feeling inspired and got the rest of the store rooms items back in it. I had the window in there replaced as well but it is less exciting to work on than the sewing room. Sometimes teaching is hard but often students can teach me as much as I can teach them and yes, some days they can really inspire me.


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