Starting to come together

January 7, 2019

I have to admit I was worried. I seem to have a lot of boxes of stuff that need to go back into my sewing room. However the first 2 boxes vanished very neatly and seem to have taken up far less space unpacked than packed. Maybe, just maybe, it will be OK. I didn’t like packing the stuff into boxes, I have watched a lot of decluttering people who all say putting stuff in boxes is a risky step. Out of sight out of mind I think. That and you get used to the boxes and eventually can’t see them. However I couldn’t see anyway to empty the room for the window fitters and store all the stuff, sooo boxes.


They were quite right that decision making it tiring. Sounds daft but after 2 boxes I could tell I was taking longer and making worse decisions. Even at 2 boxes a day it wont take too long so I am not going to push it. Today I got access to my fabric storage boards so folded a bit more fabric. I am wondering about a cover for the hand dyed fabrics, but on the other hand it is so inspiring to be able to see it. I suppose there is no need to decide right away.


Hopefully the new storage boxes will arive tomorrow, just as well as the desk is starting to collect things that need them.

The quilt on the frame and my pieceing are coming along, but right now I think Agents of Shield is calling me.

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