So where did we get to?

January 4, 2019

After couple of slow days I managed some progress today. There is one of my quilts on the frame, that might make it to a show this year. I will try to grab some photos.

I have started putting my sewing room back together. To get new windows fitted it had to come apart completely. Which is no small matter as anyone who crafts knows. However the reassembly feels an even bigger job. If I have to do the work I want it done right, so lots of decisions and tryng to find a tidy way to fit too much stuff in too small a space :). The Really Useful Box company had a sale on a few of their boxes which was handy. I wanted to stick with black and grey storage boxes but for that price I can learn to love blue.



The bottom shelf will get books. I want to catalogue them as I put them back hence they’re currently sitting on the desk. Then a row of mini bolts of fabric. Before you panic, the room is only lit when I am actually in there. Those bookcases are in front of the only window which has blackout blinds on too. Fingers crossed fading won’t be an issue. The gap at the bottom of the shelves is a nice space for a 10l Really Useful Box. I like those for larger projects and it saves junk ending up under there. I hope that my big files and scrapboxes will fit on top of the shelves.

At the moment I am planning both of these to be laid out the same way, but if I don’t need the space for fabric I may end up with more storage boxes there.


CD cataloging has progressed, 1047 music discs and 135 audio books. Slow progress maybe but at least it is moving along. Once all the CDs are done I will neeed to get them sorted into alphabetical order that will be a horrible job, but how else can I expect to find anything? The DVDs are already sorted but they need cataloging when I get some of the others done. I am going to have to work out a better way to file the non fiction books. Author is much less useful for them, and some sort of category system will be needed.

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