New year, new spam

January 1, 2019

I really wish I could log on to something online and not find a ton of spam. Today it was here, when I checked my comments. Apparently I need to access a private and personal website, to get a loan for a car, to get more traffic to the site and to learn Russian. Good to know. Where would I be without all these kind people looking out for me?

Still as a time of new beginnings I am trying again to get into the swing of blogging regularly. I would love to get some real readers again not just spammers.

Last night we tried a different thing for the New year. It was a glorified disco playing power ballads. I realised that I have absolutely got old. I have no idea why I would want to watch a group of DJs prance about a stage whenever they aren’t actually playing music. I appeared to be in the minority. Others seemed to find this a normal and entertaining show, but it left me mostly mystified. There was some good music and having the police make sure you don’t pay on the tube was sure fun.

Today has been a slow start, but I did get another block together for my quilt with a lot of symmetery.


The worst part of coming back to projects after a few weeks or months (or years…) is finding all your errors. This block was far from the best I have cut but it stitched up OK with some fiddling.

My ongoing project this year is cataloguing. I have logged the first 899 of our cds. When they are done I will move on to audio books and DVDs. Yes we still use real pysical media. No I don’t want to swap to all digital. I want to know I can watch what I want when I want. Yup I am worried about DVD players being phased out. I guess I will have to have both a digital and a physical copy.

Once I have the small collections done I plan to start on our books. Those will take me a long time I think, but hey it’s a good project to have for the year right?

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