Books books and more books

June 22, 2018

In a bid to help me sort out my sewing space I watched a lot of youtube videos of craft room tours and declutterings. if you just leave youtube runnning it slowly wanders about and eventually it left me watching the Houston Clutter Fairy. Mostly I dislike the decluttering experts. Well to be frank I feel most are utterly insane and delusional. This lady was different. Very pragmatic and non judgemental. I can’t say every word she says works for me, but then she wouldn’t expect it to and a lot of them can help me.

She comes back to book people over and over in her videos (nearly as often as paper but thats another story). The clutter fairy is aware book people are not good at getting rid of books. When she works with book people she encourages them to check book by book if they want them. To clear the space to replace my windows i need to empty 4 smallish bookcases. So I figured nothing to lose by trying to dump some books and maybe it would help. I have hundreds for craft/quilting/sewing books. Had you asked me as a mass I would have said i love them all and need them. One by one things are very different. I was aiming to lose about 10%, in fact more like 30% are now boxed up to be sold or donated. It is amazing how many you grow out of and how with a more experienced eye you can see more overlap of information. Also with that many books I have managed to get quite a few duplicates. I won’t manage to empty all the book cases this way, but I will certainly make a massive dent in them.

Next step, magazines….

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