Eeeep where did the holiday go?

June 1, 2018



How is it that plans never survive reality? As you can see I have managed to get in a little sewing for fun. Not as much as I had hoped though. Nor as much longarm quilting, life got in the way rather badly. Still progress has been made on all fronts so I can’t really complain. I managed to get up to the drag strip for one day of the Main Event, and only got slightly singed :) Not quite sure how I was more burned on the side away from the sun. I guess I must have special talents. I have also managed to get a lot more junk to the tip and I have another pile to head to the charity shops. I seem to be getting better at this cleaning decluttering thing.

I am going to leave this short as I do want to try to finish this Elizabeth Heartman pattern before classes start again. I don’t really think I have much hope but the sooner I get back to it the better the odds right :)

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