Listen to your body

January 3, 2018

I am sure we have all done it. We have got engrossed in a hobby then tried to move and found things weren’t working as well as we might like. I am assured that as we age it will only get worse. Apparently regular breaks and changes in task will help, but most of all we should listen to our bodies. As I am fed up with injuries and illness I thought I would give this advice a go and I am now prepared to share my conclusions. The problem isn’t listening to my body, the problem is my body is a lousy conversationalist. It never has anything interesting too say. Some days it just says ouch no matter what I say or do. Come on even tiny people just learning to speak manage better variety than that. Why would I want to listen to that? Or you might get the day when it is like an over protective parent. Constantly tells you to stop doing something you enjoy. So my conclusion is bodies need more variety of conversation, they need to get out and broaden their interests. If they had something interesting to say about something they were passionate about I am sure we would all be much better about listening to them.

In other news, customer quilts are getting quilted and my piecing is coming on well. I am actually enjoying being back in a routine after Christmas. All being well I might finally have some new show quilts this year, and maybe some new class projects.

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