Best laid plans

December 29, 2017

My plan for today involved a little longarm quilting for customers then some piecing of my own while watching trashy video on the internet. Sadly my net access had other ideas. Instead I ran around like a crazy person looking for my mifi which I had put away incorrectly. Turns out I had dropped it in a not a pocket when it had annoyed me in my jeans pocket in the car. The crazy hunting did nothing for my calm as you can imagine. However I do at least have mifi as my net access will not be fixed until at least Tuesday, there is a fault at the exchange and no one works weekends or bank holidays. Now we just need to hope the other half wont go crazy with a lack of net access over the next few days. I will break out the portable dvd player and watch dvds while I piece, or maybe just listen to radio 4. Yup I really know how to party :)

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