My happy place

December 27, 2017


I have had the best Christmas. I have stayed home and seen no one :) Yes that really is my idea of bliss. Even better I have been able to spend the time sewing, and just stuff I wanted to for a change. There is something about coming into my space having a whole stack of pieces cut that just makes me happy. I got so engrossed in sewing them together I totally forgot to blog yesterday, sorry ;) I nearly finished this stack of yellow blocks yesterday and today will move on to the green versions. I am calling this my 50×50 project. 50 blocks each with 50 pieces which will eventually be 2 quilts. So farther I have the red and blue blocks done. Yellow nearly done with green and purples to go. Yes it will be more or less a rainbow. It is from a pattern so no real thinking needed, just sew sew sew. Loving it ,and I am sure it is good for me. Feeling more alert and calm by the day. Tomorrow back to customer quilts but for now, I need to sew.

One comment on “My happy place”

  1. Lorna Willson says:

    I am glad that you are having a good time.

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