November 18, 2017

I had been going to tell you about the concert on Thursday but tonight I finally had a reason to use my new slot rulers. For years I have felt that if I could only have one ruler it would be the June Taylor shape cut plus.  I love that ruler and it is very versatile. I  saw something over the summer about creative grids having a slot cutter ruler now.  I wasn’t convinced, I generally don’t like their rulers I  find them hard to read.  On the other hand the idea of a new slot cutter was too much to ignore. I got both the 20 inch slot cutter and the square up slot cutter. The markings are verycreative grids,  and a lot thinner than the original ruler. The thick lines on that have always bugged me. Each of the narrow strips of the ruler has grip on the back and it works. The ruler feels much more stable and consequently more accurate.  I think the plastic may be thicker too. I don’t know if you can tell but I am very excited by these rulers. Having just used the square up ruler I gad to blog if only to tell someone who will understand just how cool they are.

One comment on “Rulers”

  1. Sally Bramald says:

    Love my June Taylor ones so will check these out. I have little resistance to new rulers like this….

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