A quick catchup

November 10, 2017

Fourth time lucky I hope.

I am trying very hard to get to grips with a new blogging system and so far all I have achieved is losing everything I type. I am sure that is a valuable skill, but it wasn’t quite what I  was aiming for. This one at least saved as a draft then reopened so maybe I am making headway.

Since I last blogged there have been some big changes in my world, some of which you may have heard about. The biggest one for quilters especially if you are local to me is the news that Patchwork Corner are closing. Jenny and Doug decided, quite rightly, they it was time they took things a bit easier and did some things they wanted. So in the summer they put the shop on the market and started to scale back. This meant I needed to find a new location for my weekly classes. I wanted to stay in the same area as that was the best location for most of my students, so we have moved to Bennetts End Community Center. We have a suite there, aka a large room for working in and a small kitchen area for refreshements. Yes we still have good coffee, yes we still have biscuits and yes most of my students are still in the same classes :) It is a nice light room and near a very handy parade of shops. I highly reccomend the bakery. It reminds me of my school days as it smells just like the bakery that was near my secondary school.

As well as a new location I needed a way to keep my student supplied in classes. Some things you can wait for but others can really slow you up if you can’t get them there and then. So I now take a small mobile shop with me.  Needles, pins, blades and threads are all on hand. Fabric was trickier. I settled for bringing a folder full of strips of fabric. Having a full width of the fabric means we can try out borders and sashings but I can bring 120 fabrics in one hand. I am still working on a way to carry samples of wide backings and waddings, but as a longarmer I do have quite a selection of those too :) If you want longarm quilting done that is now my collection and drop off point, so really its a big change not being at Patchwork Corner and not so big a change too. If you ar in the area you are welcome to come and grab any notions or fabric you may need.

Now I am well past my fourth attempt, you don’t want to know how many times this post has vanished and been retyped. Fingers crossed this will now post and I can try and get back to regular blogging.

5 comments on “A quick catchup”

  1. Welcome back to blogging Ferret, you will soon get to grips with it. I am trying to be a better blogger myself, darned facebook seems to take over sometimes. Need to be more strict with time I spend on there.

    1. ferret says:

      One of the biggest pushes for getting blogging again is I want off Facebook. It is getting nastier by the day and the software itself seems to conspire to make the user experience worse. So, I need to get my act together and write here. Also I retain the copyright here unlike Facebook, so I can share my quilting.

      1. Yep I totally agree, I shall seriously think about vacating FB next year, I do belong to a few groups on there so not sure how that will span out…..

  2. Helen Ducker says:

    Hi Ferret
    When I run the risk of loosing text, I open a Word doc and write it there. Gives lots of time to edit and check facts etc.
    Then a quick Cut and Stick and its in the right place. Hugz Helen from Hobart

    1. ferret says:

      Honestly, I would rather retype than have to use word :). If I was doing it on the laptop I would use vi, but cut and paste on the phone is a pain in the backside. Hopefully we can find the root cause of the issues and stop it happening. I think it is some kind of time out error but I am not certain. Great to see a comment here so soon though, made my day and makes the hassle worthwhile.

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