Never ending borders

July 28, 2020

I have nearly added all the scrap I had planned for the borders, but they are still a bit too short. Fortunately I plan on miter corners so I can use shorter bits on each end. I think I have enough fabric to finish them but it will be a lot tighter than I expected. I am kinda glad I am doing them now when I can scavenge every scrap possible to complete them. Seems they really are scrappy.

I have also realised I need to change my technique for the curved piecing. I had been planning on a caveman style approach but as I need all the length I can get and that causes mismatches I think I have to go with applipiecing. I don’t like the end result as much but it will maintain my length.

I am not sure when I will finish it. This week I am on holiday. As of tomorrow evening I am in Wacken. OK I may physically be in my home but in all ways that count I am in Wacken at the festival. I have food drink and a BBQ. I will be making substitute pig on a stick, waffles and icecream (well that’s made just needs to go in cones). Wacken are doing a massive online festival and it is free, so if you want to take a look you can at no cost. Maybe between bands I want to see I will sew, maybe I won’t as I am on holiday I will play it by ear. Very excited that this year Fenrir will be able to come too. This will be his first and possibly only Wacken so I hope I can make it special for him too. Yes and the cats, I know they will be with me to see Sabaton, two of them are Sabaton fans, so Fenrir might miss that one.

Crazy? Maybe, but this is the world we have and I will party as and when I can. The savings on flights and van hire can more than cover the cost of the food and drink. I will miss the Wacken water and the people but I will still enjoy the event.

One comment on “Never ending borders”

  1. Alison Forbes says:

    Enjoy the festival! At least you won’t have to worry about the weather. Just finishing off another baby quilt and 2 more to go but no idea what I want to do next to challenge me or whether I should do smaller projects. Am totally discombobulated without classes!


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